What the Naysayers Don’t Want to Hear: 5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win in 2020​

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Alec Baldwin’s impression of our President, Donald Trump, may have reminded some that his career is not (yet) over, but it still goes to show how the naysayers are willing to go the extra mile in order to prevent Americans from living their best lives.

The truth of the matter is — Donald Trump is here to stay. In fact, he’s staying because he believes the USA can again become a force to be reckoned with; a country that the whole world will respect, whether they like it or not.

Still not convinced? Well, then, it’s time to remind everyone of the five reasons why Trump will certainly win the re-election in 2020.

Reason #1: He cares about American families

In general, instead of the human race going pro-life in every possible way, we have seen a popular trend of disregarding a baby’s life. And that’s just because they are not yet out of the womb. Well, this is all to change with President Trump, as he knows how important it is to value all life.

The precious gift of life is not one to be tampered with. That’s why Trump wants to prohibit late-term abortion and give each baby a chance to thrive in the greatest age of the USA. What’s more, he hasn’t forgotten about the parents. With his guidance and support, they will be able to reap the benefits of his nationwide paid family leave; not to mention the 529 education savings plans that help Americans provide their children with the best primary and secondary education.

Reason #2: His main priority is America, not other countries

The safety and the security of our nation were under threat long before 9/11. But it seems former presidents were more concerned with foreign lives than with American ones. President Trump wants to show everyone that the USA is the main priority. Of course, world leaders have to help each other out, but not at the expense of the American people.

Reason #3: He knows how important a country’s military force is

Those who are against Trump are more worried about getting a like on Twitter than with how our military officials are struggling every day to meet the demands of protecting our country. Luckily, President Trump has already taken some steps in improving the situation; one of those is making sure the military receives better equipment, conditions, and training. In addition, he has worked with allies to free almost all territory in Syria and Iraq held by ISIS.

Reason #4: He has endured constant attacks without giving up on the USA

The Hollywood elite, as well as common naysayers who have a problem with the iron fist President Trump uses to lead our country, are doing everything they can to provoke and challenge his presidency. However, a strong leader never lets anyone prevent him in seeking out valuable solutions. His sons, wife, daughter and son-in-law have been under serious media attacks for longer than two years. Yet he has persevered and is ready to do it all over again for the sake of the USA and its future.

Reason #5: He has made the economy — and our lives — better

The pro-growth agenda President Trump came up with has been the leading force in driving the employment rate down. More people can now choose jobs, get the best rates and work as much as possible to earn money. The unemployment rate has been hit hard, and President Trump will continue working on improving every single American life.

We cannot help but mention healthcare too. Instead of letting seemingly good healthcare plans take advantage of people, Trump aims to make healthcare prices more affordable and transparent. In addition to that, he’s thinking about the future. More importantly, he wants to finally put an end to the HIV epidemic and help children overcome childhood diseases so that one day, all of them can play their role in making America great again.

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